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- Pannon Business Network (PBN) is an applied research and development and training centre. Its focus is on increasing the added value of manufacturing businesses. It has a unique system of extensive international relations, covering all countries of the continent.

Advanced management

PBN aims at effective implementation of knowledge transfer catalysed by international projects and partnerships. Such cooperation ranges from the coordination of cross-border working groups (Artificial Intelligence) through the establishment of a hydrogen platform to various health industry collaborations.

Advanced manufacturing

am-LAB is a research, development, and training laboratory for digitalization. It provides a development environment to meet unique business needs with state-of-the-art technology tools related to manufacturing and product development.

Advanced treatment

at.home is an alone-standing (unique) training, test and research development infrastructure (environment) that facilitates the implementation of product and service development in the field of senior care.

About us

With a wide range of equipment and an expert engineering team, am-LAB provides a competitive research and development environment, primarily for manufacturing companies. The Innovation Center also actively supports the successful implementation of at.home's health developments and PBN's international partnership and research projects. Founded in 2017, am-LAB won the title of Best Digital Innovation Center in Europe in 2020, in recognition of EU Commissioner Thierry Breton.


3D modelling, 3D printing, 3D scanning, reverse engineering

With the help of a modern equipment park, the design and production of individual products and parts from about 70 different raw materials with two types of production technology, both in smaller and larger copies on demand.

Complete product development processes and prototype production

Providing a full range of services, from idea to design. Design, preparation and optimization of custom products and tools.

CGI animation

During the product development, realistic pictures and animations of the planned product can be made even in the early stage of the design. Using the software and technology of the latest Hollywood movies, it is possible to display realistic spaces, animations, and movements.

AR applications

Implement industry and marketing solutions with the latest augmented reality applications in iOS and Android development environments. Real-time display of production data sets and development of AR applications for product marketing in the product development phase. Creating web-based AR content in addition to mobile applications, specifically to support industrial developments.

Collaborative and automated mobile robot solutions

Implementation of custom developments related to various robotics solutions for automation and indoor logistics processes with automated mobile robot applications for SMEs and large companies.

Teaching & Learning Factory Unit

An education and research unit with custom mass-produced sensors that simulate a fully automated intelligent factory, including the latest Industry 4.0 technologies, advanced manufacturing instructions, and predictive maintenance services. It can also perform simulations related to maintenance, in-process quality control, error prediction, and digital cloning.

Data analytics

Organize large amounts of unordered data using statistical knowledge and unique algorithms. During the processes, it is possible to examine customer habits, draw short- and long-term conclusions based on the financial data of companies, and visualize address data on a map.

Entrepreneurship trainings

During the training consisting of interactive modules, the technologies and smart devices related to industry 4.0, their applicability in production processes, their impact on productivity and their application possibilities tailored to the company will be presented.

Our trainings cover the following topics:

3D scanning

scanning technologies, application possibilities and practices

3D printing

technologies, polymer materials, good practices

3D modelling

creation of 3D models, types and area of its usage

Collaborative and autonomous robotics solutions

applications, developments, practical demonstration

Augmented reality technologies

augmented and virtual reality (AR,VR) applications and their programming

Product development, prototyping

innovative product development with digital applications (CGI, 3Dnyomtatás, Cinema4D)

Data analysis

analysis of atypical data with predictive and image recognition functions, by segmentation and classification

Manufacturing Simulation - Teaching & Learning Factory Unit

holistic manufacturing demonstration and research platform with customized functionalities

Experience based learning and career orientation

Students and teachers of educational institutions are welcome to expand their experience free of charge. We provide an opportunity to try out the tools and technologies related to the thematic areas during the visit.

Covered topics:

  • Teaching and learning factory unit 
  • Product development,prototyping
  • 3D printing
  • 3D modelling
  • 3D scanning
  • Collaborative and autonomous robotics solutions
  • Augmented reality technologies
  • Data analytics


Our team

Balázs Barta

managing director

Attila Joós

project coordinator

Ferenc Tolner

R&D engineer

Márton Magyarfalvi

R&D engineer

Balázs Váthy

R&D engineer

Patrik Haraszti

R&D engineer

Evelyn Bakó

quality assurance manager

Ádám Takács

R&D engineer

Boldizsár Könczöl

R&D engineer

Géza Éder Jr.

R&D engineer

Gyula Gál

R&D engineer


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Joós Attila
Division Leader
+36 30 330 2112

Central contact details:

+36 30 217 7934

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