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- Pannon Business Network (PBN) applied research, development, and training center. To promote digital, sustainable, and resilient
development, it provides a development environment for meeting unique corporate needs through its innovation center and test environment.
Our organization's structure:

Advanced knowledge transfer

PBN has an ecosystem-oriented approach to the implementation of knowledge transfer, realized in a broad European partnership.

Advanced manufacturing

am-LAB is a research, development, and training laboratory focusing on application of digitalization in manufacturing and product development. It provides a holistic physical environment to meet unique business needs with cutting-edge technology.

Advanced treatment

at.home is a unique demonstration and test environment, a research & development infrastructure that facilitates the implementation of product and service development in the field of senior care.

About us

am-LAB provides a competitive research and development environment with a wide range of equipment and an expert
engineering team, primarily for manufacturing companies. Founded in 2017, am-LAB was awarded the title of "Europe's Best Digital Innovation Hub" in 2020. The innovation hub actively supports the successful implementation of at.home healthcare developments and PBN's international partnership and research projects.


3D modelling, 3D printing, 3D scanning, reverse engineering

With the help of a modern equipment park, the design and production of individual products and parts from about 70 different raw materials with two types of production technology, both in smaller and larger copies on demand.

Complete product development processes and prototype production

Providing a full range of services, from idea to design. Design, preparation and optimization of custom products and tools.

CGI animation

During the product development, realistic pictures and animations of the planned product can be made even in the early stage of the design. Using the software and technology of the latest Hollywood movies, it is possible to display realistic spaces, animations, and movements.

AR applications

Implement industry and marketing solutions with the latest augmented reality applications in iOS and Android development environments. Real-time display of production data sets and development of AR applications for product marketing in the product development phase. Creating web-based AR content in addition to mobile applications, specifically to support industrial developments.

Collaborative and automated mobile robot solutions

Implementation of custom developments related to various robotics solutions for automation and indoor logistics processes with automated mobile robot applications for SMEs and large companies.

Teaching & Learning Factory Unit

An education and research unit with custom mass-produced sensors that simulate a fully automated intelligent factory, including the latest Industry 4.0 technologies, advanced manufacturing instructions, and predictive maintenance services. It can also perform simulations related to maintenance, in-process quality control, error prediction, and digital cloning.

Data analytics

Organize large amounts of unordered data using statistical knowledge and unique algorithms. During the processes, it is possible to examine customer habits, draw short- and long-term conclusions based on the financial data of companies, and visualize address data on a map.

Entrepreneurship trainings

During the training consisting of interactive modules, the technologies and smart devices related to industry 4.0, their applicability in production processes, their impact on productivity and their application possibilities tailored to the company will be presented.

Our trainings cover the following topics:

3D scanning

scanning technologies, application possibilities and practices

3D printing

technologies, polymer materials, good practices

3D modelling

creation of 3D models, types and area of its usage

Collaborative and autonomous robotics solutions

applications, developments, practical demonstration

Augmented reality technologies

augmented and virtual reality (AR,VR) applications and their programming

Product development, prototyping

innovative product development with digital applications (CGI, 3Dnyomtatás, Cinema4D)

Data analysis

analysis of atypical data with predictive and image recognition functions, by segmentation and classification

Manufacturing Simulation - Teaching & Learning Factory Unit

holistic manufacturing demonstration and research platform with customized functionalities

Experience based learning and career orientation

Students and teachers of educational institutions are welcome to expand their experience free of charge. We provide an opportunity to try out the tools and technologies related to the thematic areas during the visit.

Covered topics:

  • Teaching and learning factory unit 
  • Product development,prototyping
  • 3D printing
  • 3D modelling
  • 3D scanning
  • Collaborative and autonomous robotics solutions
  • Augmented reality technologies
  • Data analytics


Colour-based selection with a collaborative robot

The aim of the project was to create a robotic program whereby the UR3 robot arm can distinguish between mixed black and green capped test-tube based on their colour and then sort them using a 2D camera system. The grippers needed for this task were made using 3D printing.

Designing a mascot

The Forsports mascot, developed using CGI technology by am-LAB, is hoped that its use in advertising campaigns and on the official website will lead to great success. The idea behind the mascot is to promote strong brand bonding and to make customers and fans more connected to the brand.

Visualisation of different transportation solutions using CGI technology

The CGI video is willing to represent the various modality options in Hungary, especially in West Hungary. We have planned to introduce new technologies and new ways to represent how multinational companies could organize their logistics in a greener way. Instead of using trucks, we were designing a modern, up-to-date train line, where all the companies -located in the new industrial parks- could use this option, instead of the trucks. Colleagues at am-LAB created a CGI animated design with such software as CINEMA4D. 

KőszegTour - Augmented reality based tourism application

The main aim of the application is to present how a cultural heritage site can be rethought in a more attractive way. The application demonstrates the historical buildings in Kőszeg – Szemző House, Europa House, Sgrafitto House, Zwinger, Festetics-Chernel Palace – in a creative and interactive format, integrating also augmented reality elements. Buildings renovated under the Kraft programme have been equipped with QR codes, which can be easily scanned with a phone to access related augmented reality elements and other interesting features.

Realistic sweating simulation - development of a modular prototype

This pilot project aimed to develop a modular, realistic prototype that could be useful in simulating human sweating. Proof of concept focused on the design and development of a complex human body part, e.g. a sweat glands module for the armpit. Further development consists of the design of a complex virtual anatomical model and the fabrication of a sweat gland module that replicates the region of the sweat glands of the armpit, with the possibility of integrating different sensors (e.g. humidity and temperature sensors).

Digital Twin and Mixed Reality Solution

The digital twin developed by am-LAB isable to simulate the operation of the machine (start-up process, use, configuration of the machine), control the real machine in the Mixed reality environment, change the settings of the machine, which are immediately implemented on the real machine.

Custom product design with 3D technologies

The aim of the project was to develop a fixed adapter for an aerosol bottle and an ergonomic mask that fits onto it. The product developed consists of several components (adapter, mask and silicone padding for comfort). The first step was the design of the functional adapter, where the material used and its mechanical properties (e.g., flexibility) were crucial. This was followed by the design of the mask and the attached silicone part, which required special attention during functional testing due to the different material properties resulting from the use of various materials.

Prototype production of silicone caps for aluminum bottles

It is extremely difficult to ensure hygiene when drinking soft drinks in aluminum cans, since the drinking surface can come into direct contact with anything during transport and storage, and there is no possibility to reseal the product after opening. CleanCap is an innovative hygiene device that makes drinking from aluminum cans safer for health reasons, as well as making them resealable.

Digitalization of a large, unique plastic part

At the customer's request, a large but unique aircraft engine casing with damages and deformations had to be scanned. The smooth, shiny surface and the shiny coating posed a challenge for the scanning. We later analyzed the digitized part in terms of dimensional accuracy, and a 3D CAD model of the it was created using reverse engineering, which enabled the creation of a production tool.

Mascot design and visualisation in augmented reality with 3D technologies

At the client's request, we created a mascot character for career orientation purposes. The character incorporates the client's main product, an axle, into its design. In the career orientation package, we received several tasks; one of them was to create a CGI animated film featuring the mascot character, Tudor, as the main protagonist. Another component of the package was the AR display, where everyone could use their own phone and a marker to bring up the models we had created.

Redesign of a plastic part on an agricultural contractor's high-performance corn planter

In response to the serial breakage of the unique plastic seed tubes of the seeder used in practice, they were scanned and then re-modelled using the reverse engineering method. The created 3D CAD model has been strengthened in addition to keeping the functionality. 3D printed models were also made with SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) technology, and then their successful practical application in the field took place.

HelloSzombathely - Augmented reality based tour guide application

The AR-based mobile application shows users the more than two thousand years of history of the former Savaria (now known as Szombathely), with the help of modern technology. Guided by the app, users can visit and learn interesting information about the city's 9 famous places. For each attraction, visual and video materials help orientation and interactive learning. In addition, when the user visits a particular attraction, also have access to the augmented reality-based information.

Digitalization of the parts of the mill filling unit

The metal parts of mill production equipment were digitized and then remodelled, and also the kinematics of the complex movement was mapped. The device that lost its functionality was also repaired and maintained. The 3D CAD models created with the reverse engineering process were used to remanufacture the parts of the tool that were previously utilised to fill the flour bags. According to the client's plans, the unique production line will function in the future as a museum and serve exhibitional purposes for a wide audience.

3D technologies for corporate image

We were asked by a client for a multi-element image creation process, the first step of which was a mascot design. From several character designs, a squirrel figure was finally chosen. In the second step, we created a CGI animated short film featuring their products as requested by the client. The innovative aspect of the project was the purchase of a sensor suit based on "Motion Capture" technology, which facilitated the capture of the mascot's lifelike movements. The next phase of development was to display the squirrel in AR (augmented reality) space. By scanning the corresponding marker, anyone can view the squirrel in motion using their smartphone.

Building and Testing a 3D-Printed Data Collector

At the client's request, we created a data collector and data processing system for their AMS (Air Management System). Our job was to design and 3D print a case for the device, connect the required hardware parts and develop a software which is capable of collecting and visualizing data. The first prototype was shipped to the customer, and they are testing this device with their AMS device in industrial environment.

Realistic product visualisation

Our client manufactures products that are difficult to transport to exhibitions and shows due to the size and weight of the products. We developed an application for them to be able to present their products at exhibitions in a virtual but realistic way, and to showcase the details, features and application areas of the exhibited products using a tablet. The application now also includes a gallery that allows you to view products in use.

Designing smart medicine dispenser and additional functions

We provided a comprehensive solution for the development and implementation of an automated medicine dispenser prototype, which was created using 3D printing technology. Concurrently, we developed a prototype application that allows for precise programming and control of the device. This holistic approach ensures efficient and user-friendly medicine dispensing, contributing to innovation in medical technology.


Our team

Balázs Barta

managing director

Attila Joós

project coordinator

Ferenc Tolner

R&D engineer

Márton Magyarfalvi

R&D engineer

Balázs Váthy

R&D engineer

Patrik Haraszti

R&D engineer

Evelyn Bakó

quality assurance manager

Ádám Takács

R&D engineer

Boldizsár Könczöl

R&D engineer

Géza Éder Jr.

R&D engineer

Gyula Gál

R&D engineer

Milán Győrffy

dual student - program designer IT specialist


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